Amor Y Amargo


A Pint-Sized Bitters Tasting Room where the Cocktails Crafted with Amor

Amor y Amargo bar exterior east village

About Amor Y Amargo

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • We love places that focus on one thing and do it really well. This is hands down the best bitters bar in the city.
  • If you were wondering, Amor Y Amargo is Spanish for “Love and Bitter”
  • This place is cozy, and when we mean cozy, we mean the 8 bar stools kind of cozy.
  • Come early if you want to sit otherwise it will most likely be standing room only.
  • Regardless of the size, it is a great atmosphere with festive yet sophisticated decor.
  • This is a bitters bar. It is not a full-fledged cocktail bar. The bartenders take their bitters seriously. Don’t ask for a vodka.
  • The bartenders know their stuff. If you visit on a not so busy night, (which is rare) ask questions and try the bartender’s suggestions. They have converted the Carpe City team’s bitter hater to a bitter lover.
  • It is a great spot to pick up a gift for your favorite cocktail enthusiast. They sell bitters and bartending items in the bar.
  • Try the Sharpie Mustache, the Di Pompelmo or the Old Fashioned but you can’t go wrong with any of their suggested cocktails.

Carpe City Trivia

A bit about bitters. Spoiler alert: they arent angry or resentful!

Bitters, which can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, are a mixture of distilled alcohol, water, plants and herbs. Originally used for medicinal purposes, over 2000+ years later bitters maintain the same botanical extract properties and feature bitter, sour or bittersweet flavors.

There are literally hundreds of types of bitters, however, the most popular can be narrowed down to two: a potable, digestive bitter enjoyed on its own often after a meal and a non-potable, cocktail bitter used in small doses mixed into a drink

If we focus on the non-potable/cocktail variety, it is pretty much guaranteed that bitters will add bold flavor, complexity and fun to your cocktail.

By: Christi Scofield & Candi Obrentz

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