Bar Belly

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Cocktail Bar with Great Happy Hour Oysters and Live Jazz

Bar Belly Lower East Side Restaurant

About Bar Belly

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • Definitely more bar than restaurant. Expect small plates, with oysters as the highlight.
  • Crowd is generally 20’s and 30’s and festively boisterous on the live music nights.
  • Weeknights are a bit more casual than weekends and happy hour oysters are a bargain at $1 apiece.
  • Date night? Head to one of the small tables in the back. Otherwise, the bar up front is our first choice for seating.
  • Live music (usually jazz) on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 7pm, making it a great pre-dinner stop.
  • On Fridays and Saturdays they swap in a DJ after the live music and it becomes more of a bar party scene.
  • Be sure to check out their Jackalope. (See our trivia section below!)

Carpe City Trivia

What is a Jackalope?


A. The name of hip new band. “Have you streamed the new Jackalope single?”
B. A hot new exercise craze. “My quads are burning from that intense Jackalope session.”
C. Something you want to avoid. “My friend visited Tijuana and came home with a nasty case of the Jackalope!”
D. None of the above.
E. None of the above but maybe a little of C.

We know you are thinking D but the answer is indeed E.
A Jackalope is actually a mythical creature, a jackrabbit with antelope horns, hence the clever portmanteau moniker, jackalope. It is the brunch of bizarre beasts, the Frankenstein of fauna.

Many believe the jackalope legend began in Wyoming in the late 1700’s. A mountain man named John Colter claimed to have seen the cagey critter, and the myth was born.

Other than two much rye whiskey, is there a possible explanation for what the mountain man saw?

Indeed, there is. The Shope papilloma virus (SPV), also known as the dreaded cottontail rabbit papilloma virus (CRPV) or, our favorite, Kappapapillomavirus 2, infects some rabbits, causing keratinous carcinomas to grow on or near the besieged bunnies’ heads. Yes, the carcinomas can resemble … horns.

So don’t fear the ferocious jackalope at Bar Belly.  Pity the poor Thumper with the horny SPV.

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