Rivington Mural

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A Legendary Street Artist Pays Tribute to Musical Icons

Street Art Kobra 27 Club on Rivington

About Rivington Mural

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • This Corner of Rivington is a revolving mural, however up until recently it showcased a great piece by Kobra so we are showing these images here.  If you pop by and snap some pics of the latest, please send them our way!
  • This mural is by the now ubiquitous Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra in his signature geometric color block style.
  • The piece pays tribute to the “27 Club,” which refers to cultural icons who died at the age of 27.

Do you recognize all of the faces?

Here are some clues:
  1. Known as the Queen of Rock & Roll, she was a hard-partying, free-loving wild child known to have a bottle of Southern Comfort always on hand.
  2. An Alternative music icon, he was a reluctant poster boy of Generation X and Grunge music.
  3. Known as Mr. Mojo Risin’ as well as the Lizard King, he is considered one of the most iconic and influential frontmen in history.
  4. Known as one of the greatest guitarists of all times, this Purple Haze singer’s recording studios are still rocking in Greenwich Village.
  5. Her album Back to Black won 5 Grammy Awards and her aptly named song Rehab won Best Contemporary Song.


1 – Janis Joplin 2 – Kurt Cobain 3 – Jim Morrison 4 – Jimi Hendrix 5- Amy Winehouse

By: Christi Scofield

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