Tompkins Square Bagels


Some of the Best Bagels in NYC and a Wide Variety of Cream Cheese Deliciousness

Tompkins Square Bagels East Village NYC

About Tompkins Square Bagels

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • One of the Best in the City and We Love its Local Vibe and Awesome Cream Cheese Choices.
  • The broad selection of fresh, hand-rolled bagels and quirky cream cheese options make Tompkins Square Bagels a must-stop for any bagel lover.
  • TSB has something for everyone, with 17 types of bagels, 28 flavors of cream cheese, 10 types of nut & fruit butters and even 10 different tofu cream cheeses.
  • They make a mean breakfast sandwich and also offer lunch specialties.
  • Owner and NYC native Christopher Pugliese takes pride in his famous eatery, calling it his “love letter to the East Village.”

Carpe City Trivia

Why is New York know for its bagels?

Believe it or not, bagels did not originate in New York City. Bagels were originally an ethnic item made by Ashkenazi Jews in Poland during the 17th century. The word bagel derives from the Yiddish word beygal, which means “ring” or “bracelet.” When Eastern European Jewish immigrants settled in New York during the 1800s, of course they brought their cuisine with them, and the rest is history.

Even though bagels have spread throughout America, New York bagels stand out. Why? Well, the old wives’ tale has proven to be true! Studies have shown that New York’s water contains certain elements and minerals that make it uniquely suited to create soft, chewy, delicious bagels. (The water also explains why New York’s pizza is so damn good!)

By: Kelly McDermott
Photography by:

Kelly McDermott

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