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The Playwright's Courtyard.

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About Milligan Place

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • This landmark is named, for the area’s original land-owner and first resident, Samuel Milligan, who built his home on the land in 1799.  
  • Milligan Place is a sweet, secluded courtyard hidden away from the masses and the chaos that sports a suite of four buildings that date from 1852. 
  • These old buildings inspired a lot of new theater. 
    • George Cram Cooke, founder and director of the legendary Provincetown Players, and his wife Susan Glaspell, winner of a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, lived on Milligan Place from 1913 – 1917. 
  • The pair recognized the genius of playwright Eugene O’Neil, and produced his early work, helping to elevate American Drama to an art form. O’Neil lived on Mulligan Place too!  
  • Today, you can still rent an apartment on Milligan Place. The New York Person-Centered Resource Center, a mental health facility, also has its offices on the street. 

Carpe City Trivia

Who was Susan Glaspell?

  • Susan Glaspell, “The First Lady of American Drama, established the basis of Modern American theater. 
  • Glaspell not only helped found the Provincetown Players, America’s first modern theater company, but also wrote fifty short stories, nine novels, fifteen plays, and a biography. 
  • She won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and was the Midwest Bureau Chief for the Federal Theater Project during The Great Depression. 
  •  Trifles, Glaspell’s 1916 one-act play, is considered among the greatest works of AmericanTheater. It was one of twelve plays she wrote for the Provincetown Players, each of which is regarded as “groundbreaking. 
  • She was also considered a truly great actress! 
  • While her popularity waned in the post-war years after her death, today, her extraordinary genius is being rediscovered. 

By: Lucie Levine

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