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Pioneering LES Gallery showcasing Emerging, Mid-career, and Established Artists

Nicelle Beauchene Art Gallery

About Nicelle Beauchene Gallery

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • A former Chelsea-based gallerist, Nicelle Beauchene, opened on the Lower East Side in the area’s first brush with art spaces in 2008. She has since moved to Tribeca at 7 Franklin Place.
  • Beauchene exhibits emerging and mid-career artists who work in multiple disciplines, focusing on sculpture, installation, painting, and mixed media.
  • Nicelle Beauchene exhibits a mix of national and international artists, including Louise Despont, Eleanor Ray, Jordan Kasey, Ruby Sky Stiler, and Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.
  • Beauchene keeps busy in her local space and the many Art Fairs her gallery has participated in. They range from NADA to Frieze, The Armory Show to Material (Mexico City) to FIAC (Paris).

By: Laureen Mocsari

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