The Duplex Piano Bar and Cabaret Theater

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A Historical Cabaret Theater That is also a Celebrated LGBTQ+ Spot

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About The Duplex Piano Bar and Cabaret Theater

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • The Duplex is New York’s oldest continuously run cabaret theater, and since its Grove Street opening in 1950, has featured big names in talent like Woody Allen, Joan Rivers, and Barbara Streisand. 
  • The theater moved to 61 Christopher in 1989 and still hosts mic nights at the piano bar on weeknights after 9:00 pm. 
  • Singer Showcase takes place Monday or Thursday nights, and “In the Works” takes place every third Sunday of the month, where composers try out new work in front of an audience. 
  • The Duplex has two floors and a lot of different performance spaces, like the Piano Bar. 
    • “The Smallest Stage in the West Village” is located upstairs. 
    • There is also The Cabaret Theater, the black box performance space. 
    • The Café, an outdoor space, is open from spring through Halloween and is perfect for watching the Pride and Halloween Parades, both of which are popular events to celebrate at the Duplex. 
  • The Duplex is a haven for the LGBTQ+ community but welcomes everybody.  

Carpe City Trivia

Everyone bombs now and again...

Don’t be so afraid of making a fool of yourself on the mic. According to the New York Times, Joan Rivers was so bad at The Duplex early in her career that they would only let her go last! 

By: Lucie Levine




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