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Impressive Mural in an Obscure Locale by the Famous Pop Artist

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About Keith Haring Mural

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • Want to ride Keith Haring’s dolphin? Head to the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center on Carmine Street. 
    • The outdoor pool was built in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration and is featured movies like Raging Bull and Kids.  
    • The mural on the wall behind the pool is by Keith Haring, famous pop artist and social activist, in 1987. It’s 18 feet high and 170 feet long!
Keith Haring working 1986
Source: Nationaal Archief
  • Haring rose to fame when people noticed his fun, whimsical line drawings on the New York City subway.   
    • His mission was to create accessible public art.  
    • Haring completed over 100 solo exhibitions, sculptures, and 50 murals before his death at 31 from AIDS complications. He was known for his quick and spontaneous work.   
  • A swim instructor, who was on duty the day Haring created the pool mural, said he arrived with his entourage, set up scaffolding, and finished in 20 minutes.    

Carpe City Trivia

There's another Keith Haring outdoor mural in NYC!

“Crack is Whack” can be seen in Harlem just off the FDR Drive

Who was Tony Dapolito?

  • Originally called the Carmine Street Rec Center was eponymously named after Tony Dapolito, “The Mayor of Greenwich Village,” after his 2004 death. 
  • Born in 1920, Dapolito, a native Greenwich Villager, was chair of the local community board and advocated for the neighborhood kids. 
  • His family owned Vesuvio Bakery, the beloved bakery at 160 Prince Street. While it closed in 2009, the area landmarked, so you can still see the spectacular signage. Really, go check it out! 

By: Lucie Levine

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