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About The Pickle Guys

 & why it made the Carpe City list

  • Welcome to the pickle specialists of the Lower East Side
  • These divine pickles are #blessed.
    • But seriously. If you buy pickles from the Pickle Guys on Grand Street (which you should), you’re chomping on a briny blessing. They’re kosher, and produced under Rabbinical supervision.
  • These pickles are also legit.
    • The pickles are made on site, in barrels. The Pickle Guys will be more than happy to reach into said barrels, and pull out as many pickles as you want.
    • And please! For the love of all things of pickle holiness, do not put your own New York subway pole-touching-paws in there! Leave the barrel bobbing to the Pickle Guys.
    • If pickles in barrels is not old school enough for you, go in the Spring, around Passover, when they grind up 2,700 pounds of horseradish on the street in front of their shop.
  • If you’re like, “Okay, if it were 1910 I’d be into that, but it’s 2019” – the Pickle Guys hear you. There’s more going on here than a pound of delightful dills.
  • Slide next door to their new restaurant, “Diller,” which serves up fried pickles, and takes on the history and diversity of the neighborhood by dreaming up Jewish-Asian fusion like the Reuben Egg Roll and Pickled Okra Rice Balls.
  • You can also find these pickled pleasures being peddled out of their outpost in the Market Line at Essex Market.

Carpe City Trivia

Did you know that the Lower East Side holds a Pickle Day every year?

Is October a particularly pickled time for you? It is for the Lower East Side. Every year pickle peddlers and other local purveyors roll out on Orchard Street to celebrate the neighborhood, its businesses and its history as America’s pickle mecca. This is our kind of street fair!

By: Lucie Levine





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